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Travel Information
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About Korea
Korea is a nation that vaunts of a fast growing economy and a lifestyle harmoniously blending the old and new. Once known as the land of the morning calm in the East, Korea has evolved to manifest its dynamic nature in every dimension of society. Subsidiaries of international corporations and western franchises are in active operation nationwide. While embracing modernity, Koreans value their five millennia of history and rich cultural heritage passed down by their ancestors. Its natural beauty preserved for thousands of years and people of amiable character makes Korea an even more attractive place to visit. Many international events have taken place here in Korea, notably the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the APEC Summit 2005, and G20 Seoul Summit.
Seoul is a fascinating city where 5,000 years of history meets the future. The bustling metropolis has become one of the busiest cities in the world characterized by modern architecture and skyscrapers, while it attracts people from all around the world with the charm of unique cultural heritage deep-rooted in Confucianism and Buddhism. With the Han River passing through its heart, Seoul is the capital of Korea, home to over 13 million residents or a quarter of total population in Korea. Political, economic, and cultural activities all take place in Seoul, which makes it a truly colorful city. For more information, please visit the Seoul City web site at
Tourist Attractions
Seoul, the host city of the ICTC 2011, has been the capital of Korea for more than 600 years and is currently a metropolis of over 10 million residents. Being one of the world largest and advanced cities, Seoul serves as the center of politics, economy, and education in Korea. The city lies on a natural basin surrounded by a series of mountains and hills, making it all the more attractive place with the grandeur and magnificent beauty. Seoul also takes pride in its long history and invaluable cultural assets, of which the Jongmyo Shrine and Changdeok Palace have been added to the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage.

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